The Effects of Massive Stroke Right Hemisphere

While it may not be a rare disease or medical condition, many people have wrong impressions of a massive stroke right hemisphereOne particular misimpression is that only those people who are obese and who already have cardiovascular anomalies who are most susceptible to stroke.  This is the reason why there are people also who are very complacent about their health in general because they actually seem fit or lean enough not to be suspected of being a likely victim of a stroke. The truth, however, is that a stroke could still affect someone even if he is not overweight.

Essential Characteristics of Massive Stroke Right Hemisphere

In a massive stroke right hemisphere, the blood can no longer flow in a normal manner towards the right side of the brain.  The right side of the brain is that which controls the left side of the body. Aside from this, it is also the right hemisphere that controls speech and language capabilities.  It is clear that if the right side of the brain suffers the effects of the blood clot, the immediate symptoms could be seen in the poor function or performance of the left side of the body.  There are two causes of right hemispheric stroke:

  • Ischemic stroke occurs when the brain’s artery experiences a blockage.  This blockage can be the result of a blood clot.
  • Hemorrhagic stroke, on the other hand, happens when the blood vessel itself breaks.  The blood that comes out of the vessel go into the brain tissue.

Symptoms of a Right Hemispheric Massive Stroke

One that suffers a massive stroke right hemisphere would immediately experience its symptoms.  It is actually necessary for one to know what these symptoms are so that if anyone he knows has a stroke, he could tell. Here are the symptoms:

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  • One who has just suffered a right hemispheric stroke could have problems with his memory.  Aside from this, he may be come impulsive at times and changes mood very often.
  • A common symptom is paralysis that affects one side of the body, particularly the left side. There are cases though that both sides could be affected.
  • Due to paralysis, one would also have difficulties in walking. He may also tend to fall to the left.
  • Generally, one who has just suffered a right hemorrhagic stroke could have problems in speaking and swallowing.

Treatment for Right Hemisphere Stroke

A massive stroke right hemisphere has a number of treatment methods.  If there is a blood clot that could not be dissolved through medication, then a surgery would be necessary.  However, if the blood clot is small, it is possible that it could be dealt with medications.  Aside from this, medications would have to be given to the patient to control blood pressure.  After achieving a significant level of stability, the doctors may allow the patient to start procedures in rehabilitation.  The rehab part is actually the longest part of the entire treatment process.  The length of time needed for this depends on the seriousness of the damage done by the stroke.

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